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Friday, July 2, 2010

My Succulent Garden

I've been collecting plants lately, since I haven't really been able to be up and around. There really isn't anything easier to grow than a succulent garden. Now, I've planted mine in a Bonsai pot (that one died years ago- just couldn't keep it alive for some reason...?) that's got a beautiful glaze to it.

I used cork from wine bottles to plug the two holes in the bottom- but now I'm thinking they might need to come out- the dirt isn't drying out as fast as it should. One of my plants now is dying- but I stuck it outside to "bake" as my horticulture sister said to do. So hopefully, in a few days, I can report back that my little garden is doing much better. The ones I'm referring to are the "Baby Toes" on the top of my garden, smack dab in the middle. The little clump of succulents- they're the ones that aren't making it so well. Hopefully a few days getting a tan will clear up whatever ails them and get them beautiful as they're pictured here.

Now that you see my cute little garden... I'm aggravated to report that those beautiful red "flowers" on the small cactus piece under it was a fake. Yes, indeed. I was very upset to notice this after the cactus died. It wasn't my fault though... Those "flowers" were hot-glued to the plant- no wonder it kicked the bucket!!! That made me angry.

I also was lucky and found this beautiful Jade succulent- with red tips! I'm hoping this one will grow, because I plan on planting other little gardens with it!

The leaves are so delicate, and it grows in such a close, luscious bunch... I had to have it. I'm sure if you saw this potted plant, you'd have grabbed it too! Speaking of interesting plants... I had to grab this one too- I'm not sure of the technical name of the plant, but it's absolutely gorgeous! It has both big plants that grow- in front as you can see- and little strips and bunches of these that grow in tight clumps and remind me of ruffles. Again- I couldn't resist.

My air plants I currently have are doing well- I'm hoping some of them will pup soon so I can get some good little ones for some terrariums. Yes, that venture will happen- I'm just not sure when it will be implemented.... But I'm optimistic it will be soon!


  1. Hi! I am an extreme succulent lover and grower! You have some very nice plants. Yes you should take the corks out of the bottom of your pots. Succulents can quickly rot and die if given too much water! Especially if it sits on the bottom of the pot and in the roots. Succulents store their water in there leaves so they don't need much water unless you have them outside in a hot climate. But always let the water run through the pot.

    Also I am quite frustrated also by the people that hot glue the "flowers" to the cacti. It really can damage the plants. I am with you on that point. I will not buy any that have these. I boycott!!!

    If some died try again with my advice.

  2. I love plants of all variety, and succulents are high on my list. I agree that overwatering leads to more problems than underwatering and most of the time we kill our plants with kindness rather that neglect. Good luck with your gardening and if you need some great gardening tools, come check out my blog.


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