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Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Little Guardian

Mom has a pet Gargoyle.

Well, he's not exactly a pet. He's more like the Keeper of the Gardens we have.

He sits out, seasons without end, through fall, winter, spring and summer.
He gets buried under snow, which he tunnels through. Rain sometimes washes him off- but best it be gentle, otherwise big raindrops splatter him and throw the dirt right back up. Sun makes him warm, and night doesn't scare him. He glows by the moonlight on clear nights, quickly ushering those wee folk that dare to stop and try to grab a blossom or two right back on their merry way.

Sometimes it even seems as his expressions change.

Some days he's happy with the garden we tend, and others, he's chased away an errant animal or three... Squirrels, fox, bear and coyote. Turkeys come through from time to time as well. He does his job well, and he's well rewarded- with a beautiful garden full of blooms just for him.

Spring is just on it's way in, but you can see his magical touch here and there- and the flowers that have already started to peek out early- well, I needed to share!

I do have to say, having a Little Guardian was the best thing Mom's done!

Great news is in store- as I have all my supplies at hand now!
This week, I do say, it's all about crafting, pictures, and new listings in my shop!
Check back to see what I've done!!
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