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Saturday, March 20, 2010


It's been a while since I've been especially interested in... Well... Anything.

Winter this year came in with such a fierceness, it caught most people unexpectedly. It's not often that I sit and daydream about spring flowers, warmer weather, sundresses and getting outside barefoot. Typically... I'm all about the winter sports- skiing, snowmobiling, ice skating, etc.

This year though... Well, I'm all about the warmer spring weather which has so suddenly come on back! However, I know better than to expect it to say this temperate for long... Virginia gets awful humid, awful fast! I'll just enjoy it while it lasts!!

For me... Spring means cleaning out the garden of all the dead plant matter. Turning the beds, and planning a new garden for this year. However, since I'm in an apartment now, I don't have the luxury of having a yard- never mind a little area to grow a garden. People would either steal the flowers I'd plant, or destroy it.

My newest inspiration comes from miniature terrariums. Small plants inside vessels that are simple to maintain, and brings a little bit of the outside.... Well, inside! My plan will unfold through the next few weeks- and hopefully I'll be opening shop soon! I've found a great supplier of glass vessels I plan to use, and now checking out some great shops for supplies and plants. I love purchasing from other handmade artists... It means I support the handmade community!

Plans include miniature terrariums, as in small containers like candleholders or bulbs, to larger glass vessels that look like bubbles. The key point in all this... Is that the little ecosystems can mostly take care of themselves! The point is just a little maintenance, right?!

It's on its way! And I can't wait!

I've only created my shop at this time... I don't have any of the mini-gardens created yet. Careful culling of other sites and shops for interesting and eye-drawing containers and plants will be acquired in the next few weeks. Once the basic supplies are received... I'll be crafting away, and providing everyone with pictures and listings!

Are you excited?!


  1. What a wonderful idea! I'd go crazy in that kind of humidity, I think - much more of a cold weather girl. :) I'm w/ you this year on the excitement over Spring though & I have my little container garden & snake to thank for that. Isn't it wonderful to feel interested in something again? I was w/out that for a very long time too. Can't wait to see your terrariums!

  2. The heat I don't mind...
    It's the humidity that drive me BATTY!!!

    I'm doing just a little more research... And very, very soon I expect to have some snapshots for everyone!!


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